Isabel Wyn

Isabel Wyn

Friday, September 23, 2011

God is SOOO good!!

What an amazing week :)
We got our LOA! That's Chinas Official yes!! We have sent off our I800 back to immigration svs to approve her specifically. When we land here she will be a US citizen :) We were also chosen to be featured with Wild Olive Tees. They are a Christian tee shirt co that has the coolest shirts. They are great quality. I love mine :). Our link is
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Our family code is fryday0910. We are so excited and nervous but I keep telling myself God wouldn't bring us here and leave us. My new motto:
The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Well last week our agency got alot of LOAs. Ours wasn't in the batch so I was really bummed bc it probably won't come for a couple weeks now. They only get them every other week or so. Our chances of traveling this year are getting slimmer but I know God already knows when we are going to China and His timing is perfect. So I woke up this morning to a great surprise! I had "met" a girl on a board that I and been talking to bc she was just at the same orphanage where Isabel is this summer. She adopted a little boy from there. I have been getting pointers and advice on hotel, food, what to do etc from her. This morning I got this email from her!

I looked through my pictures and think I found exactly one of your WenWen!  I remember her because I held her in my lap just before I took the picture.  She was trying to grab my camera so I handed her off and then quickly snapped her photo.  She was not in the mood to sit still--I remember her so well because I kept trying to get another picture, but she wouldn't hold still long enough!  Then she scooted away and went back to playing.  . She was very sweet and she cuddled in my lap, but only til I took out my camera, then that was it!!  As you see, she was still trying to get my camera :)  Also, I didn't even notice that her right eye wandered--I think it's probably very intermittent.  Just hope you're not worried about that.
take care,
p.s. look at her nails!!

With this pic :-D

I also learned from her blog that the orphanage is run by the ICC which is a christian organization. They only run three in China and hers is one of them. She said the care by the nannies is wonderful. It put my mind at peace :)