Isabel Wyn

Isabel Wyn

Monday, July 18, 2011

 We got ANOTHER update from our agency!!  I was so surprised and excited.  We got more measurements.  This pic shows her eye issue a little more.  Her little right eye wanders in.  I am so anxious to get her home so we can address this!  I want her to be able to see with no issues.  I know this has to be aggravating.  She continues to smile in every pic-almost every pic ;)  This makes me happy because so many get pics with no smile or emotion which makes them worry.  She is still described as happy.  She is so TINY though!  She is just over 19 lbs.  My boys were 19 at 6 months! 
 I love this look- looks like ELi to me :)
 This one too. 
Yang Niu Wen's current height is 76cm, weight is 9kg, head size is
42.5cm, chest size is 47cm. She can walk on her own for a short distance
now. She can change from sitting position to standing position. She is
lively and lovely. She likes to smile and can understand simple words.
She claps her hands and wave good-byes. She knows her caregivers.

This means we are getting close to approval.  Hopefully today or tomorrow.  Then we get that notarized, certified, and authenticated and off to the agency then OFF TO CHINA!!  So glad to get this almost done to move on to the next stage of waiting...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Isabel's Room!!  Mrs Tracy Holland came up with it all.  She made me the curtains, the board and slates over her bed, and all the slates with the classic Pooh pics on them  I LOVE IT!!  It came out perfect ! :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Party pics

We finally got Isabel's birthday party pics. She is getting so big. I was so excited to get them I couldn't sleep. I got them in an email about 10:00. Then I was sad because she is growing so fast and we are missing so much. The process just takes so long. I have to remember that Gods timing is perfect. He knows exactly when we are supposed to get her and if I am patient all will be perfect. This process is very difficult on a control freak! I have learned and relearned patience. We are waiting on our last fingerprint approval from homeland security and everything goes to China! From then it should be about 4 1/2 months. I have gotten her a few outfits and of course bows :)